Monday, December 1, 2008

Things I love about my craft room

I use to have a ceramic studio where the public would come in and paint pottery and I would fire it for them. These are my bisque peices I have left over from those days. I still have my kiln and glazes and paints...someday I may get back to it. I also have two pottery wheels. I took a pottery class once, it was difficult but very fun and entertaining as I would generally see clay go flying through the air on a daily basis. Here also is part of my collection of craft books. I have also collected scrapbooks over the years and, as long as I don't die anytime soon, I will surely fill each one. I have a large collection of paper also that sits in files and waits for it's day to be displayed on my scrapbook pages. I also love scrapbook kits, am kind of addicted to them.

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