Sunday, November 23, 2008

My scrapbook room...

After working so hard to finish my class, I decided to revamp my craft room. I have a quilting frame which was in one of the bedrooms. I want to start quilting again in my craft room and asked my wonderful husband to bring it down to my craft room... he did. God love him. I enjoy going back and forth from sewing to papercrafting. I have a page a month chunky book to make with my girlfriend Diane that I need to get started on. I am in the middle of a scrapbook calender for my daughter for christmas and I am in the middle of a quilt. This along with working part time and going to school.... if I didn't have my crafts, however, I would go insane.My beautiful daughter stopped over tonight to work on her drawing. She has a little studio in the basement where she sets up her scenes for her drawing class. She would rather work here than at her condo because her cat Lillie likes to rearange things. (we keep Gracie, our little kitty, out of the basement.) Renee is so busy, she is a DAAP student at the University of Cincinnati working toward a degree in Graphic Design. The program is excellent but pretty intense. Renee has little time for much else in her life, but does make time for her guy, Brendan....who is also a Graphic Design student at another college.Tomorrow I will be taking pictures of my new craft room and posting them.Night!Susan

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