Friday, October 1, 2010

First Craft Fair in Years Jitters

Tomorrow is the day, the craft fair.  I have not participated in a craft fair in years and to be honest I have never really done very well when I have.  The last time I sold these beautiful clocks that I made using chip board and scrapbook paper.  They were really pretty, and elegant.  A lot of Anna Griffin Paper and soft colors... if you know me at all you know I am pretty much about soft and simple things.  Anyway, I set up my table and it looked so pretty.  People all day long would pass by and tell me how beautiful my clocks were.  One person told me that I did not belong in a craft fair but should be in an art show.  That was quite a compliment but that person didn't even buy one of my 12.00 clocks.  So I am bit scared.

Why am I doing this...well...  someone contacted me through my ETSY store and asked me to join the event, they thought my work would fit well and I could also represent Memory Works.  So I said yes thinking it was so far away, perhaps they would forget about me or  I about them.  Well, neither of us forgot so tomorrow I am going to set up my table and displays and give it another shot.  I am not going in with high expectations, not that my work is not worthy or nice but as I said...I'm a bit scared.   I will bring a book to read and wonder around to other booths and talk to "my people".  I love crafters so!

Wish me luck, my Lovelies!

Well an update... I didn't do very bad at all at the craft fair.  Had lots of support from friends and family.  Here are some pictures of my space.


Jackie said...

You will do fine. Everything happens for a reason and there is a reason you were invited, maybe to make sales, maybe to learn, maybe to meet new friends.
You enjoy what you do and are good at it. I wish you all the best at the fair.
Do tell us how it goes. WE LIVE AND LEARN.
I love to make cards too and I have been inspired and mostly intimidated by everyone out there.
All the best at the fair. I would by one of your works in a heartbeat if I every came across your table.
hugs from Africa.

Serendipity Blog said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your kind words! You made my day :)

delisa said...

Sue, I'm so excited that you did well!!! Your things are beautiful and very well made. I'm just thrilled with the lovely cards & things that I got. Your work just gets better & better! Love you lots, keep up the good work!!! :>