Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jacksons Passing

Michael Jacksons Passing

I feel really compelled to write about the passing of Michael Jackson and how it is affecting me. This is a blog afterall and we all have the write to express our thoughts and feelings here.

First of all, for just a few days I would love everyone to put their personal feelings aside concerning his personal life and the struggles that he faced or caused for others and simply try to focus on his talent.

I am Michaels age and grew up with him and his music... I remember singing and dancing to "I want you back" and the song "Got to be there" was my favorite. Through the years his hits just kept coming and many times with artists who produce so much, we lose track of just how many he brought us. In the 80's "Off the Wall" and "Thriller" took over my life and I could not get enough of his music once again. When he danced it caught my full attention and I could not get enough.

On Thursday, Renee had informed me that MJ had died and I instantly felt this emptiness inside, almost as if he were going to take all his music with him. So I immediately went on itunes and bought as much of it as I could (wish I had bought Apple stock that day.) Friday at the Bank we played a radio station that played his music the entire day, it made us all feel good.

I know that some of you may have terrible feelings about him and the accusations that will always be a part of his legacy. I certainly struggle with this also. I think Michael Jackson was a tortured soul who never had a chance for a normal life. Psychologists tell us how important it is for human beings to experience each stage of life normally or we will suffer as adults. Michael Jackson never had his childhood and this is apparent in the song "Childhood". He expressed that no song hit deeper to him than this one.

In years to come the world will talk about him, we will be honest and express the negative and well as the positive and we should. But for just a couple of days, I want to remember the positive..the "We are the World" and "Heal the World" and watching him dance to "Beat It".. and my one regret is, I wish I had been able to see him in concert.

Well that is all from me about Michael Jackson.. feel free to express your thoughts.

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Biscuit said...

His music was amazing. I know that he affected many people. I personally had a huge crush on him in the 80's. It is difficult for any of us to make a judgement about him really, we only saw his performance persona. It would be impossible to judge him as a person, considering none of us knew him personally. I hope that his family finds comfort, and people remember him for his contributions, he made many people happy.